Alvaro Middelmann, Maria Jose Hidalgo, Jose Hila and Joana Maria Adrover at yesterday’s meeting.


The Mayor of Palma, Jose Hila, has added his voice to the campaign for better winter flights connections to and from Majorca.

Today (Monday), the mayor, accompanied by the councillor for tourism, Joana Maria Adrover, held a meeting with the director general of Air Europa, Maria Jose Hidalgo, and the advisor to the chairman of Globalia, Air Europa’s parent company, Alvaro Middelmann, to discuss the lack of winter flights to and from Palma during the winter.

The Bulletin has been campaigning for two years for more winter flight connections to and from the UK, but it is not only the British, in particular the Scots, who have no direct flights to Palma during the winter and who are left stranded during the low season. Direct flights to and from Scandinavia are also significantly reduced and this is what the mayor wanted to discuss with Air Europa yesterday.

Hila is also worried about the reduction in the number of domestic and inter-island services during the winter. “The lack of winter flights is not only hitting local residents, it is also hampering efforts to prolong the tourist season. All the hard work which has been and is going in to establishing Palma as a first-rate city break destination is, to a certain extent, wasted during the winter because of the lack of flights,” Hila said.


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e devlin / Hace over 6 years

You will not need winter flights with tourist tax, and you might even have reduced summer flights because of this, there are plenty of other big cities and resorts in the mainland to go where there is no tax involved, also Portugal is very nice in summer and winter, as much as I like Majorca and Ibiza, I will go elsewhere next year.


E Weldon / Hace over 6 years

The Tourist Tax will stop people/families coming to Mallorca! Why pay extra Tax when you can holiday elsewhere on the Med- Barcelona has scrapped the hated Tourist Tax! Mallorca this is a backward step bringing the Tourist a Tax back but then we have a forward step to wanting Winter flights- I wish I could come over in the winter from Scotland it's almost impossible unless you fly to England then to Spain-then when you finally reach Palma you have the extra Tax to pay?? I think I'll go to Cuba instead!


Ian Morrison / Hace over 6 years

Mr Mayor, bring in the tourist tax (again) and the Island will need less Winter flights, not more.


Steve Riches / Hace over 6 years

Hooray! Every additional voice will help. If it happens he also needs to ensure that enough places in Palma are open for the tourists to use.