Each year the members of the Calvia Rotary Club put a huge effort into organizing this event, specifically to raise funds for some of the volunteer organizations who help the most needy here on our island of Majorca. This year the charities selected to receive funds are: Ses Minyones Children’s Home; Joves Navigants; RANA; Proyecto Home; Allan Graham Halfway House; Proyecto Esplai.

Our sponsors this year were so very generous, and included the Calvia town hall, Katmandu Park Resort, Mood restaurant, Aldi, Nice Price, Generali Seguros, Minkner & Partner, First Mallorca, Balearic Helicopters and many others. Despite there being a number of other interesting events on last weekend, the international cchools rose to the occasion once more and supported the Rotary fundraising event. In total no less than 766 walkers took part over the weekend, from just three years old up to and including our more mature supporters. On Friday, Rotary volunteers were able to join in with 141 “junior” walkers from BIC.

Infant and juniors
On Saturday in Magalluf 410 “registered” walkers took part, including councillors Alfonso Molina Jimenez and Paquita Muñoz Alcaraz. And on Monday no less than 215 “infants and juniors” from Queens College did their walk for the cause to Bellver Castle accompanied by Calvia Rotary volunteers. In the coming weeks, Calvia Rotary Club will be receiving the sponsorship monies from all those taking part.  
A huge thank you to everyone.
Calvia Rotary Club International.