26-07-2011Sergio G. Canizares

Tourism activity in the Balearics in 2014 was, for the second year in a row, above the level that had existed before economic crisis. The GDP contribution from tourism rose by almost 3% to 12,000 million euros, the fourth consecutive year of growth.

Between 2010 and 2014 tourism activity grew by 3.5%, while overall economic growth was 0.6%, according to a report by the regional government and the Exceltur alliance for tourism excellence. Tourism was, therefore, the key factor in bringing about economic recovery. The 2014 performance constituted 10% of the total economic impact from tourism in Spain as a whole and meant that it comprised 44.8% of Balearic GDP. In 2010, this had been 40%.

In the years from 2010 to 2014 there was also a growth in tourism-related employment. In 2014 this increased by 3.1% to 150,346 jobs. Employment levels were, therefore, greater than those pre-crisis, with tourism contributing 32% of total employment in the Balearics.

In presenting the report, the executive vice-president of Exceltur, José Luis Zoreda, emphasised the importance of measuring tourism performance in terms of the economic and social impact on the islands and not just through the number of tourist arrivals. The report, named Impactur, highlighted the need for the public and private sectors to work together in generating information on which decision-making can be based.

Biel Barceló, the tourism minister, said that the government was willing to consider developing other indicators to complement the socio-economic data contained in the Impactur report in order to have a broader view of areas associated with creating tourism sustainability in the Balearics. 


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Grace / Hace over 4 years

All the people commenting about the tourist tax are just plain stupid. You say the Government are blind, but are you really looking at what is going on here?

Mallorca is a sun, sea and sand destination. The Balearics are famous for their protected environments, their beautiful coastal areas and the mountains. Do you really think that all this can remain beautiful and untouched without some kind of investment towards conservation?? Do you not think that tourists have a responsibility to contribute towards keeping a place beautiful and enjoyable for everyone? Or do you think you are entitled to just go, have your way and piss off again? Open your eyes. Tourism is a HUGE international plague and Mallorca is not the only place introducing this tax. Barcelona, Amsterdam and yes, even London, have taxes in places that are used to offset tourism impacts. This tax is being implemented throughout the Mediterranean so you may suggest going to Malta Tina Brown, but you have to pay a tax there too. It's time for people to get off their high horses and start realising that we have a responsibility to keep this planet clean, protect vulnerable eco systems and ensure that our movement and hedonism does not destroy it for everyone else in the future.

THINK about it and look up tourism taxations cos I think you will be surprised to learn a bit about it.


Tina Brown / Hace over 6 years

I wish more of the Mallorquin elite had gone to Warwick Business School - so that they could understand how to run an islands tourism and monetary budget. How to ruin an island over the next 5 years ??? Please all holiday makers reading this website, book to visit other wonderful locations in 2016 & 2017 e.g. Portugal, Croatia, Malta etc. Mallorca does not deserve your money any longer, so boycott it. I am looking forward to the negative press that will hit all major newspapers by summer 2016. I feel sad for all the business owners who have worked 24 hours a day to keep afloat. I still do not think the island has had a busy 2015. London is BUZZING, tourism everywhere - we do not have a tourist tax, free museums/art galleries, Air BnB is accepted, Holiday Rentals is accepted !!!!


Michael stokes / Hace over 6 years

There is non so blind as those who don't want to see as long as politicians get there fare share of the money from the tourist tax unemployment don't matter


Steve Riches / Hace over 6 years

This information means that the total stupidy of the proposed Tourist Tax is staring its proponents in the face. They will fail to notice it because they are hell-bent on a course toward persuading tourists to spend their money somewhere else.


Sean Dobson / Hace over 6 years

And now your politicians are about to throw all that away by reintroducing the tourist tax,nothing like cutting of your nose to spite your face. Despite this so-called increase in tourist numbers,unemployment in Majorca rose this year,stand by for even higher numbers of unemployed from next year,I wonder if your politicians will still think that the tourist tax is a "small price to pay" then.?