The group of wounded war veterans who trained on the island to climb Kilimanjaro want to thank Majorca.

Earlier this summer, a group of wounded veterans who had fought in Iraq and Afghanistan came to Majorca to begin their training for the assault of Mount Kilimanjaro to raise funds for the Not Forgotten Association (NFA). The association, with the full support of the Majorca Daily Bulletin, the local community and one very special British resident near Pollensa who throws her finca open to groups of wounded veterans at least four times a year so they can have a holiday and a break from the routine of rehab and the worry of what their futures outside the army hold, is having to make more of an effort than ever to raise funds to help war veterans.

With the UK not involved in a conflict and soldiers not making the front pages, the general public tend to forget that these wounded heroes are going to be battling their physical, not to mention mental, illnesses  for the rest of their lives and this costs money and much of the funding has to come from the private sector, especially once the soldiers are discharged from their regiments, something which is becoming more and more common due to government funding cuts to the armed forces.

Which is why the events organised by the NFA are so important for the morale of the veterans and their partners.
NFA events organiser Rosie Thompson, who is back in Majorca this week with the last group of veterans to come over this year and who is running the Palma marathon to raise even more funds, said that the climb was awesome.
“Anyone who says climbing Kili is a walk in the park is very much mistaken. I think we all agreed it is the toughest challenge we have ever undertaken, but for the lads with injuries even more so. They were simply awesome! A film is in the process of being made. The boys all said how much the training in Majorca had helped them prepare for the challenge and we are looking at undertaking a challenge of some sort in Majorca next year.”

The group coming over this week are again a mixture of regiments - Royal Marines, Grenadier Guards, Parachute Regiment, Rifles and 2 Scots being represented. Some are returning for a second visit, such was the positive effect the first trip to Majorca had on them.  

They have all been invited to a night at Son Amar by Margaret Whittaker OBE.