President Armengol, characterised as having been “kidnapped by radical partners”.

In giving her assessment of the regional government’s first one hundred days, Partido Popular parliamentary spokesperson, Marga Prohens, has concluded that “we have a government that has preferred to dance rather than govern”. This was a criticism of members of the government who danced in the street on Tuesday following the repeal of the Law of Symbols. They danced, “while others are suffering because of their policies”.

Prohens denounced the “inconsistency, instability, arrogance and vengefulness” of the government’s early days in office. In this respect, however, they had complied with the forecasts of the PP, which had anticipated there being “an unstable government”.

She characterised President Armengol as having been “kidnapped by radical partners” (Podemos and Més) and said that there was “division between the parties” and “threats to break the pact”. She went further in accusing the president of having lied to the public about “a change in discourse” in respect of the government’s programme, attacking the government’s use of public administration as “an agency for family and partisan appointments”. Prohens added that the PP had warned that the increased public spending by the government would result in increased taxes “that are already here”.

The PP spokesperson said that there had been further lies regarding taxes being progressive and directed only at the “upper class”, when in practice, families and the middle class were being suffocated.