Simulated view of the semi-pedestrianised road.

Pollensa town hall has approached the Council of Majorca and the Consortium for Tourism Promotion regarding changes to the planned semi-pedestrianisation project for the coastal road in Puerto Pollensa. A key one would be for it to be exclusively for pedestrians at certain times of the day.

Following a meeting between the consortium and the town hall, an economic valuation is to be made of the changes the town hall wants prior to any modifications being made to the actual work to be carried out, which is due to start on 1 November. One of these modifications would be to reduce the width of the road and replace it with pavement, thus giving greater priority to pedestrians. As for times of the day, the urban planning councillor, Tomeu Cifre Bennàssar, says that the town hall would like there to be exclusive pedestrian use from 8pm.