The British still cannot get enough of the Balearics for their holidays. | R.L.

10.4 million foreign tourists came to the Balearics between January and September, which represented 19.2% of all arrivals in Spain over the first nine months of the year.

The latest survey of tourist movement (Frontur) conducted by the national tourism ministry shows that the Balearics was the region second behind Catalonia - with 25.6% - and ahead of the Canaries with 15.6% and Andalusia (13.6%).

The Catalonia total was 13.9 million tourists, 3.2% higher than last year, while the Balearics’ 10.4 million was a 2.5% increase. The Canaries welcomed 8.4 million visitors, which was up by 1.2%. Andalusia, with 7.3 million tourists, registered the greatest percentage increase among “sun-and-beach” regions - up 6.6%. The Madrid Community had the highest overall rise, one of 10.8%, with 3.8 million tourists.