One of the many advertisements and TV series which have been shot in Palma. | JULIAN AGUIRRE

Since January, the Palma Film Office has processed 127 requests for filming in the city which have equated to 2,078 days shooting and 624 local contracts.

As well as this announcement by the town hall, a further one points out that the film office will be working with the Balearic Islands Film Commission in improving competitiveness and creating added value in order to attract more filming to Palma.

Of the shoots which have been made, 48 were for television shows or series, while the remainder were for differing commercial reasons - adverts, promotion, corporate videos, etc. By country, the vast majority were for Spanish concerns - 100 in all - while Germany, with twelve, had the highest requests of foreign businesses. There were six from the UK, three from the US, two apiece from Sweden and France and one from both Denmark and Japan.

As regards co-operation with the film commission, talks have started between Joana Maria Adrover, the councillor for tourism, trade and employment, and Pilar Garcés, the commission’s director, who has informed the town hall about upcoming events in which the commission will be participating and has invited the Palma Film Office to submit proposals as a partner of the commission.

These events include “The Location Production Event” in London on 14 and 15 December and the general assembly of the Spain Film Commission this coming Saturday (31 October).

There has also been a conference at the Parc Bit technology park in Palma to highlight tax incentives for filming. Representatives of the Palma Film Office attended this in order to learn about state legislation that encourages investment in filming and is about to be improved to help the industry expand.