The Guardia Civil struck yet another killer blow against drug dealing in Majorca today. A large number of agents from the anti- organised crime and narcotics units, some heavily armed, swooped on the Calle Ramon de Moncada early this morning. A number of properties, gardens and vehicles were searched and five people were arrested.

Residents in the area have been complaining about the mounting criminal activity in the vicinity, in particular that involving drugs, but even they were surprised by the large contingent of members of the Guardia Civil who stormed the area. Many of the complaints were about the dealing of cocaine and marijuana and the conflicts such activity generates and attracts. The Guardia Civil first began searching and dismantling a small white car parked in the street as part of their hunt for illegal substances.

Tonight all five of the suspects remain in the custody of the Guardia Civil and they are expected to appear before a remand hearing over the next few days while the Guardia continues with its investigation.