The cars will park in a line and not in the way shown in this simulation.


Work on the pedestrianisation scheme for Puerto Pollensa will begin next week, the town hall having unveiled its modifications to a project that was initiated by the previous administration. The intention is to gradually make the coastal road fully pedestrianised, but the initial phase will apply to the section from the yacht club roundabout to the Calle Elcano, i.e. opposite the Stay restaurant pier. Here, full pedestrianisation, i.e. exclusion of cars, is anticipated at certain times of the day.

For now, the scheme will be as previously envisaged with one-way traffic, though the idea is to apply a form of cobble. (At present, the condition of the road is that bad that with cobble you wouldn't notice any difference.) As for parking, this, on the one side of the road where it will be permitted, will be in a line and not at ninety (or so) degrees as had been contemplated. The town hall appears confident that there will be sufficient parking here and on the "second line". Not everyone else is.

Ultimately, the bus stop by the yacht club roundabout will be moved to a place on the bypass, which was a solution envisaged under the old plan of 2009. The taxi rank by the roundabout will be shifted to the marina car park.


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Judith Burdus / Hace over 5 years

Webcam for Puerto Pollensa indicates no work on the seafront project for weeks. Are we heading for chaos for the holiday season?


David Sumner / Hace over 5 years

What happens to the bus interchange by the roundabout and information centre? This is a busy stop for Alcudia, Cala san Vicente and Pollensa to name but a few. This will cause so much confusion next Summer for tourists. Sometimes pedestrianisation can kill off a shopping area. Has there been consultation with the shop owners?


Colin Thompson / Hace over 5 years

I remember the disappointment the first time I went to Porto Pi ? If ever a place needs pedestrianised its here. The road at the top of the hill is a noisy confusion of cars, buses taxis and motor bikes with 2nd rate eateries and phone shops. Reduce the traffic, plant some nice palm trees and expand the restaurants outside seating onto the road, which in places is 3 lanes wide with parking. It could be a real asset to Palma and a nice place to spend the day shopping and dining.