The Daily Bulletin's supplement for the World Travel Market on the streets of London.

02-11-2015Jason Moore

Tourism minister Biel Barceló, speaking at the World Travel Market today, has revealed that the national government, which had pledged 80 million euros of investment for re-development of Playa de Palma, has - having paid 17 million of this - scrapped the remaining 63 million euros of funding. Barceló explained that the regional government was informed of this decision a week ago. It was one taken by the Majorcan Isabel Borrego, who is the national secretary-of-state for tourism. She may be attending the WTM tomorrow (Tuesday), but a definite attendee is Jose Manuel Soria, the national minister of tourism, a fierce critic, along with Borrego, of the Balearic government’s intention to introduce the tourist tax.

Tax is needed
Barceló, anticipating that Soria will voice further criticisms at the fair, stressed the fact that here was an example of why the tax was needed. If state funding is withdrawn, he pointed out, how can badly needed investment in Playa de Palma be paid for? “Soria,“ added Barceló, “is the first one to say how important tourism is.” Yet, the government fails to back these words up with deeds and by financing.

The tourist tax was obviously a matter of huge interest at the fair, and speaking to The Bulletin, the minister announced that it will come into effect on 1 May next year, subject to all approval having been obtained through the parliamentary process. Tour operators, in discussions with Barceló and members of the Balearic delegation, which included also the director-general of tourism, Pilar Carbonell, and the mayor of Palma, José Hila, called on the minister to give them at least one month’s advance warning of the date for the implementation, if it does indeed prove to be 1 May or is later. Barceló said that he was not too concerned about the effects of the tourist tax on the UK tourism market. Given the strength of the pound, the amounts that will need to be paid will not seem great: almost like small change, he said, in so many words.


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Elizabeth Weldon / Hace over 6 years

Once again tourists will need to pay "TAX" to a corrupt Tourist Agency in Mallorca!!! Tourists from the EU pay EU taxes so WHY do they need to pay an unjust Tourist Tax? It didn't work the last time! It drove families away from Mallorca


Frank / Hace over 6 years

No threats to go else where I will go on holiday where I fancy and it Cyprus September instead of the normal Majorca 2 weeks plus car for the same as two week in Majorca


Lennart Bjolgerud / Hace over 6 years

For all of you threatening to go elsewhere- sorry , you cannot go to France since there already is a bed-tax in place, in Turkey there is a "visa fee", in Roma,the hotels have tourism tax,and in Greece,the government introduced a hefty tax this year, etc, so guess its going to be a toss between Belarus and Albania.


Sean Dobson / Hace over 6 years

I have news for Barcelo:I have already booked for September but my "small change" will be to spend less in restaurants and cafes to recoup whatever I am forced to pay in tourist tax then to look elsewhere for future years.


Frank / Hace over 6 years

Already booked for May as always and normally go back out September / October Will see what tax is. Already looked at going else we're own goal bringing tax in people will just go some were they are not getting ripped off and we have been going over 20 years.


Anne / Hace over 6 years

Already booked my holidays for early May and thought tax wouldn't be implemented until later. Shan't be bringing any more money than originally planned so afraid those bars, restaurants and hotel staff won't be getting their tips until I've recouped the cost of my tax, whatever it is. Own goal!


Ann Marsden / Hace over 6 years

How good of him to let us know it will be "small change" If that is the case why is it taking so long to say how small this change will be. There are lots of people already making plans for their next holidays and need to know how much they will have to pay for the privilege of spending their hard earned and saved cash in Majorca. After well over 50 visits and thousands of pounds spent holidaying in Majorca I think it is time to say 'Adios' and look for somewhere where tourist are appreciated and not seen as something that must be tolerated,


P J NALLY / Hace over 6 years

"Not concerned" and " small change", a Ratner comment! Two steps forward and three steps back. Just when there are signs of a recovery, they try to scupper it. Greed again


Steve Riches / Hace over 6 years

"...not too concerned" about the effect on the UK tourist market? He's deluded...and he's playing with decent people's jobs believing himself to be right. I'll enjoy watching him fall as a result but I won't enjoy watching the economic misery brought upon the hardworking people in the Mallorc tourist industry.


Ron / Hace over 6 years

A remark like 'almost like small change' will severely damage their plans. See if the hard working British families who struggle to find the money for an annual holiday here agree, if this quote makes it to the British press. The pound may be strong at this moment - but don't forget not long ago it was £1=€1 and could be again. Anyway let's see what all the other Euro tourists say when they take their travel trip beano to Berlin etc.