Alfonso Rodriguez, Pilar Carbonell, Biel Barceló, Gabriel Escarrer, Miguel Ensenyat, Jaume Nadal and Jose Antonio Garcia Moles at the Meliá presentation.


The ME London hotel was the location on Monday night for the official presentation of changes that have occurred in Magalluf. Arranged by Melía Hotels International (ME is a Melía hotel and brand), the presentation highlighted the eradication of “alcohol tourism” and the resort’s regeneration. Made as part of Majorca’s promotion at the World Travel Market, the presentation was aimed at a British tourism market for which Magalluf has been its most popular resort since the 1970s.

The event was attended by over a hundred representatives of the UK’s tourism sector as well as by other companies which have worked to improve Magalluf and various Balearic politicians: the tourism minister Biel Barceló; the mayor of Calvia, Alfonso Rodríguez; Calvia’s tourism councillor, Antonio García; the government’s director-general for tourism, Pilar Carbonell. The Times devoted half a page in drawing attention to the changes in the resort, referring to the improvements and investment projects that have been made.

Gabriel Escarrer Jaume, Meliá’s CEO, stressed the commitment that Meliá and nine other companies had made to transforming Magalluf in terms of repositioning it and changing the nature of its tourism.

Prolonging the season, focusing on family tourism, fostering active and sports tourism, modernising the restaurant and non-hotel complementary sector, and positioning the Magalluf brand: these are the aims of both the business community and the town hall.


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James / Hace over 6 years

Prolonging the season - I have just left Magaluf after a 1 week stay. Almost everything was already closed when I arrived on 24Oct and many more were planning to close on 31Oct. When I return o 16Dec it will be a desert. Focusing on family tourism - I have seen no evidence of this in any form and I spend 3 to 4 months a year there. Fostering active and sports tourism - Magaluf? In the winter?? Give me one example!!! Modernising the restaurant and non-hotel complementary sector - I have seen some progress here. There have been several new brothels opened in the last couple of years as well as an expansion in the tattoo parlour and fast food takeaway businesses. There are fewer good quality restaurants (losing Los Caracoles and La Creparie) but you can't have everything... Positioning the Magalluf brand - marketting only goes so far; the future status of magaluf will be based upon the reality, not marketing.


Ann Marsden / Hace over 6 years

Sounds wonderful doesn't it but when is something going to be done about the prostitute/muggers that are still around in large numbers. The hotels may be improved and the drink culture addressed to some extent but it would be nice if both locals and holidaymakers could walk around safely at night without fear of being accosted. Maybe put some of the tourist tax into the pot to finally deal with this long standing and unpleasant problem.