Calvia Council yesterday signed the agreement to host the first Prostate Cancer Beach Football Tournament in Majorca. To celebrate the opening of the new Majorca Beach Sports Arena in May 2016, MBSA, in association with local partner Viajes Adramar and the full suppport of the local hoteliers and tourist industry, are going to be hosting Errol McKeller’s first Prostate Cancer Beach Football Tournament.

The tournament will involve the use of ten professional beach football pitches across Magalluf beach, along with a seated sports arena making this a charity event to be remembered.

"We are actively promoting Majorca as the perfect sporting destination for UK and European residents, we believe that inviting Errol McKeller, a well-known ambassador for prostate cancer in the United Kingdom, will help us to generate the appropriate individuals and teams to attend this charitable event."

Errol was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2010. Since then, Errol has worked extremely hard to raise awareness of a disease that is contracted by one in three men. This event will help to raise awareness of a worthy cause, both home and abroad as well as increase positive tourism to Majorca.