More greenery planned and no more wood.


Longstanding disputes between Alcudia's town hall and the Balearic Ports Authority have largely ended since the changes to the town hall's ruling administration and the management of the authority. The relationship is, therefore, much more harmonious.

A key issue for the two sides to address is the wood that makes up the walkway along the Paseo Marítimo. When this was installed at the time that the pedestrianised promenade was created in 1999, the wood was all in vogue, but it has proved difficult and expensive to maintain. Agreement has now been reached to replace the wood and to create a promenade with trees and shrubs. Under this, the authority will assume the costs for cleaning and for electricity - some 40,000 euros which the town hall has, until now, had to cough up. Work on the promenade to replace the wood will be put out to tender before the end of the year, and it is expected to cost around 400,000 euros.


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Sean Dobson / Hace over 6 years

No doubt they will make a claim for payment from the tourist tax to pay for part or all of this redevelopment,it seems to me that there are going to be lots of claims on a tax that most tourists will see little benefit from but will reduce their spending in bars,restaurants,cafes etc,this will prove to be an own-goal if ever there was one.