Inma de Benito and Gabriel Escarrer Jaume of Meliá Hotels International at the World Travel Market last week.


Podemos is demanding a meeting with the Majorca Hoteliers Federation, which it has accused of acting as a "lobby" against the interests of the Balearic Islands through its explicit opposition to the tourist tax, as expressed at London's World Travel Market last week.

The secretary-general of Podemos, Alberto Jarabo, has called on the "whole" of the Balearic tourism sector to "disavow" the federation and its president, Inmaculada de Benito, because of what she had to say about the tax that has been approved for introduction next year.

"We know that for years we have been up against a lobby that is working against the islands as a tourist destination, one which has a lack of respect for all Balearic citizens," says Jarabo, who has stressed the commitment of his party to defend the Balearic Islands and their "scenic environment".

Jarabo has reproached Benito for having gone to London in order to "criticise" the majority will of the people of the islands and of the government and to also "draw into question the good name of the Balearics as a tourism destination". It is "totally irresponsible", adds Jarabo. He noted that the most recent Labour Force Survey established that there was a new "record" for part-time employment in the Balearic tourism industry, i.e. 75,000 workers, while a study by the University of the Balearic Islands estimated that more than half a million illegal hours had been worked during the main tourism season this year.


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lennart bjolgerud / Hace over 6 years

The hotels are not "scared" but this woman is paid by the Hotel Federation, so clearly,she will promote a low tourism tax environment.Thats her job. My worry is about the rabble-rouser from Podemos, who probably has zero knowledge or interest in the subject of creating jobs, is starting to use his new found political fame to inflame. This is a classical Spanish issue- its very difficult to create reasonable consensus about anything.


Ron / Hace over 6 years

Yes - the hoteliers are scared now that the tourist tax will be the 'straw that broke the camel's back' - given that they increased prices for this year, and have announced more increases for 2016. The Balearics have the most expensive hotel prices in the whole of Spain. Hopefully our wise politicians will be monitoring the ever increasing job losses in UK - e.g. the steelworkers and now even the Inland Revenue. Even charging the 'small change' will make a big difference to the amount the British spend here.


keith / Hace over 6 years

started looking for holidays for next year. prices are already up (only small change) transfers up (more small change) now tourist tax (more small change). like Sean said, brick wall


Sean Dobson / Hace over 6 years

The only people who are against the interests of Majorca and the Balearics are Jarabo,Barcelo and all the other barm-pots that want to bring back the tourist tax but you might as well talk to a brick wall as talk to them on this matter.


Steve Pickering / Hace over 6 years

So hoteliers who provide accomodation for visitors to the islands, provide employment for citizens of the islands, pay taxes to the government of the islands. Are against Balearic interest ??

Is this man for real ??