The scene of the fatal accident in Palma. | Alejandro Sep

The investigation into the fatal accident involving a Palma to Inca train and a vehicle driven by a 79-year-old man on a level crossing in Palma last Thursday reached its conclusion today. According to the results of the investigation carried out by the SFM rail operator, which was handed over to the National Police today, the train was going slightly too fast. The findings of the investigation were made public by the ministry for transport and they will now be examined by the National Police.

The SFM’s conclusion is based on information gathered from the train’s black box, various different technical reports and CCTV footage. Contrary to what was initially suspected, the automatic barriers at the Verge de Lluc level crossing were in perfect working order. According to SFM, after having stopped at Son Rullan while the points were checked, the train was given the all clear to carry on to the next set of signals on manual before returning to automatic control. Manual means that the train should proceed slowly and it appears that the train was travelling at 53 kilometres per hour, slightly too fast, when it hit the Seat Ibiza which was on the railway crossing -  shunting it some 50 metres down the track.

The minister for transport, Joan Bonet, said that the finger is not being pointed at anyone and that these findings will be passed on to the National Police who are handling the overall accident investigation.

The 79-year-old driver of the vehicle died as a result of the multiple injuries sustained.