Calvia wants to be a “film-friendly” municipality, the town hall opening the way by facilitating procedures for production companies which want to film movies, commercials and promotional campaigns.

The co-ordinator of the Balearic Islands Film Commission, Pilar Garcés, has met with town hall representatives and informed them of the steps to be taken, the town hall wishing to establish a single point of contact for the necessary administrative procedures in respect of permissions from municipal departments and of information on accommodation, restaurants, transport and other services. The commission and Calvia are already working on projects such as “Calvia es cine,” which shows how the municipality has been portrayed on screen and the role that cinema has played in Calvia.

Having become “film-friendly,” the town hall wishes in the future to have its own film office (as is the case in Palma) and to promote film-making and its related activities.

The commission, meanwhile, has drawn attention to a report from the Spain Film Commission, “The economic impact of filming in Spain and tax incentives in Europe”. This says that for each euro invested in the form of a tax incentive, there is a direct impact of between four and six euros and a total impact - including indirect benefits therefore - of up to 15 euros.