The Majorcan Indian summer will not be persisting into December after all, the national met office, Aemet, saying that temperatures will fall sharply this weekend because of the arrival of a polar cold front. The temperatures are not expected, however, to be exceptionally cold, with the currently “very high” values for this time of the year lasting until Saturday.

The cold front will bring with it some rain, a normal pattern for November, but it will contrast with what has been an “abnormal” pattern of weather for the month until now. This front will affect the whole of Spain and the Balearics later in the weekend and into early next week, though conditions are expected to pick up from Tuesday afternoon.

Aemet’s spokesperson, Ana Casals, says that in addition to lower temperatures, there will also be fog and the probability of snow down to 800 metres and so not just on the highest peaks.

Rain in parts of the peninsula will be heavy, but in the Balearics the forecast is for weaker and less occasional rainfall. This rain in the Balearics is due to be around into next week, being replaced by more settled conditions and rising temperatures, albeit these will not reach the levels that they have so far this month.