Javier Salinas, the Bishop of Majorca, is said to be “hurt and surprised” at the allegation of an “improper relationship” with a married woman. The complaint, which has been made to the Vatican, has apparently come from the woman’s husband, who is described as being a senior official at the Council of Majorca and belonging to a family with ancient lineage on the island. His wife, it is understood, is highly religious and an active member of the Partido Popular and has been the Bishop’s private secretary for institutional affairs. 

The complaint, couched in ecclesiastical terms, suggests that the Bishop has acted in a way that would be against Catholic doctrine. Though it has caused some surprise, given that the Bishop was invited to a party during the summer at the finca belonging to the complainant, it is seemingly supported by documentary and photographic evidence gathered by private detectives.

The Bishop went to Rome last week and spent four days on what the diocese describes as “patrimonial” matters. The alternative explanation for his visit is that the Vatican, intervening strongly in the matter, was seeking his answers to the allegation.
Speaking on radio today, though, the Bishop stressed that his visit to Rome was not to discuss the alleged relationship, and he added that there was “nothing to hide” in respect of this relationship. Things could have been “misinterpreted”, he suggested.
“It all depends on which way you look through the lens.”

He said that he was receiving many calls and messages of support from other clergy and from the general public in insisting that he will defend himself “honestly, in order to clarify matters and demonstrate to my congregation that I can and should continue this mission”.

With regard to the resignation of the woman at the centre of the allegation, he said that he was sorry to have had to accept this as she was doing good work, indicating that he understood it had been “for family reasons”.