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The Balearics is one of five parts of Spain in which Tráfico has launched specific measures against road accidents. The inclusion of the Balearics reflects the fact that the accident rate has increased this year, with fatalities so far up by seven to forty.

In addition to the Balearics, there are campaigns in the provinces of Burgos, Ciudad Real and Valladolid as well as the region of La Rioja. (There have also been increased accident rates in Catalonia and the Basque Country, but these do not fall under Tráfico's jurisdiction.)

In these other areas, fatalities have risen by between six in La Rioja (fourteen in total) and ten in Valladolid, where the total has increased to nineteen. In both Burgos and Ciudad Real the actual fatality rate is greater - 24 and 21 respectively.

Among measures being adopted is an increase in controls for drug use. Some one hundred local police have been co-opted, with 500 drug-testing kits being made available. The local police from town halls will also be involved with joint controls for speed and for the detection of driving under the influence of drink or drugs. Speed limits are to be monitored, with helicopters being used to watch out for risky driving behaviour. There is to also be a study of installing speed radars as well as a campaign to improve the co-use of roads by drivers and cyclists and so greater awareness and vigilance.