Palma - public consultation says yes to the Born terraces. | Miquel A. Cañellas

Pimeco, the smaller retailers' association, and Majorca's restaurants' association have welcomed the result of the public consultation over the siting of terraces along Palma's Born, a decision upon which they considered hung the whole future model of the city.

Both associations had supported the establishments with the terraces and so are pleased at the outcome of the vote in which 14,723 people took part. Of these, 11,869 were in favour of the terraces and 8,400 believed that they should be where they currently are - in the centre of the avenue.

Alfonso Robledo, president of the restaurants' association, believes that the result shows the support of the public and businesses for the terraces, as it also shows the unity of the restaurant sector in supporting a cause that affects everyone.

Robledo has congratulated the town hall and the deputy mayor, Aurora Jhardi, for their impartiality in the voting process that had begun on 9 December and which concluded a week later. He highlighted the level of participation. "It is not easy to get all the people in the street to vote for something as specific as the terraces. We are very happy with the result. The model of the city depended upon it and we want to have a future."

Pimeco expressed its satisfaction at a "landslide victory". Its president, Bernat Coll, said that it had shown that the people of Palma wanted "a lively city" and asked the town hall to respect the public's decision and keep the terraces where they are.

"The terraces have managed to revitalise commercial activity in one of Palma's most important areas while also substantially improving the image of the Born.

"The people of Palma have expressed their will for an economically active city and the creation of quality jobs. The implementation of policies and actions for commercial promotion in all parts of Palma should follow."