Only 12 days ago Majorcan award-winning photographer and film maker Pep Bonet and his wife were in Los Angeles  celebrating the 70th birthday of the founder and frontman of the world-famous heavy-metal band Motorhead: bassist, singer, and songwriter Ian Fraser Kilmister, aka Lemmy. Pep has known the band since 2008. He has photographed and filmed a number of their tours and concerts over the years. Only a few months ago, Pep shot the band’s latest, and perhaps last, official music video When The Sky Comes Looking For You here in Majorca.

Pep, a "motor head" himself, who loves riding his Harley-Davidson, spoke to the Bulletin today.

“The party in Los Angeles was amazing, everyone was there. I knew he had cancer and that time was running out but none of us thought he was going to die so quickly. I’m extremely sad, obviously. Over the years, they took me in as one of the family, one of the crew, and Lemmy and I got on extremely well. I loved the lifestyle, the music, the whole scene: that’s why I was fascinated in documenting their tours and concerts.

“It’s really bitter sweet because only yesterday, I received an official Motorhead jacket with my name on the back. I thought I can’t wait to get it on and hit the road with the guys. I’m kind of confused and in a bit of a daze today. Like I said, we knew it was on the cards but one can never prepare for these things. That said, he was a legend and will never be forgotten, his music is immortal and will be played for decades to come."