The Circulo Balear Foundation, which is staunchly opposed to any thought of Majorcan nationalism or independence, has called for the regional government’s vice-president, Biel Barceló, to resign or to be dismissed for having taken part in a demonstration in support of Balearic sovereignty that took place on the night of 30 December.

Barceló, a statement from the foundation says, was at the head of a march for “pan-Catalan separatism” in which a banner declared “from autonomy to sovereignty” and that shared the “demands of the extreme left-wing independence movement”. The foundation’s president, Jorge Campos, considered intolerable the representation of a member of the Balearic government at a march by the anti-system movement that wishes to break the Constitutional regime, including the Balearics, into some totalitarian “Catalan lands”.

Campos continued by accusing Barceló of irresponsibility and radicalism and of sharing a protest floor with those who burn the Spanish flag (which has happened during similar demonstrations on 30 December in the past but didn’t on this occasion).

“It is an offence and a crime that is lamentably not pursued in this country. The vice-president of the autonomous government should resign or be sacked for not respecting the most basic rules that a public servant and a high representative of the people should comply with in a democracy, as would occur in any country near to us.” Campos accused PSOE and President Armengol of supporting this and of governing together with separatists and the communists of Podemos.

The march was, according to different sources, said to have attracted between 1,000 and 2,500 supporters. Others in attendance included David Abril, a parliamentary deputy for the same party as Barceló, Més, and a one-time Partido Popular president of the Balearics, Cristòfol Soler, who left the PP more than a year ago and is now head of the Majorca Sovereignty Assembly.