The pine in Formentor has been chosen.

The build-up to the Sant Antoni Fiestas (16 / 17 January) contains as much tradition as the fiestas themselves. The origins of the fiestas are firmly rooted in the town of Sa Pobla, which stages the grandest of the spectaculars on the eve of Sant Antoni, i.e. 16 January, this coming Saturday. Sa Pobla's preparations include the election of the "clamater" who utters the "clam" (the cry) of "Visca Sant Antoni" during the Completes service on the evening of the 16th. They will also involve the gathering of wood for the bonfires by the children of the town. This will be on Friday morning, with due ceremonial accompaniment by the band of cornets of the Sant Antoni Obreria (the organisation that oversees maintenance of Sant Antoni Church but also the actual traditions of Sant Antoni).

In Pollensa, there are different preparations for the events of the day of Sant Antoni. These are unique to the municipality and involve the search for the right type of pine tree to be brought to both Pollensa town and Puerto Pollensa for the climb of the soapy pine. For the Pollensa pine, the townsfolk will head off to the Ternelles finca today, but for the Puerto Pollensa version, the hunt occurred yesterday in the forests of Formentor.

On the day of Sant Antoni, the pines are brought into Pollensa and Puerto Pollensa.  In the case of the latter, the pine will be raised at 1.30pm in the church square, while in Pollensa this will be at 7pm in the Plaça Vella.

Information regarding events for the fiestas will be posted on the website later in the week.