A 22-year-old Argentine driver died and the only passenger escaped with just minor injuries from a car accident in Son Sardina, on the outskirts of Palma, in the early hours of this morning (Saturday).

As a result of this fatal accident, the total number of lives that have been lost on Majorca’s roads since the start of the year is now four. Three weeks ago, two motorcyclists were killed in a head-on collision in Son Serra de Marina and two weeks ago a young man died as a result of an accident with a horse which had strayed on to the road from Inca to Lloseta.

Yesterday’s accident occurred just a few minutes after 7am on the Cami del Destre de Son Sardina road which runs perpendicular to the Soller road. The two young men were travelling in a Volkswagen GTI with the steering wheel on the right hand side, like a British vehicle. The car was heading in the direction of Soller when the 22-year-old driver suddenly lost control of the vehicle for reasons which the crash investigators are still trying to confirm. The car apparently veered to the right, careered into a wooden post, spun off and clipped the side of a garage and then bounced back across the road into a vehicle parked at the entrance to a finca. The driver was trapped in the wreckage of the VW Golf GTI and firefighters were required to cut the young man free.

Members of the Local Police cordoned off the area and a number of ambulances rushed to the scene. Paramedics immediately set about trying to treat the driver as soon as he had been freed from the mangled vehicle but, despite all their efforts, there was nothing they could have done to have saved his life. The passenger was treated for minor injuries before being taken to hospital for a full medical check up, just in case any internal injuries had been sustained in the accident.

Crash investigators have spent most of the day at the scene trying to establish exactly what had caused the accident, while police waited for doctors to give them the green light to question the lone survivor of the crash.