With a very bright summer ahead, local hoteliers do not want to put another record season in jeopardy. The biggest current concern for hoteliers in the Balearics, including therefore Majorca, is not occupancy levels but what effect the new Tourist tax,  which has had little publicity overseas, such as in the two main markets - the United Kingdom and Germany - will have on the market and expected numbers of tourists. Current market indications continue to point to a record season for the Balearics. Warnings of "book now to afford disappointment" are continuing to be issued by the tour operators.

This is no ploy to lure in early bookers, it is an honest attempt to ensure that people wishing to come on holiday to the Balearics or Spain will be able to find accommodation this year and that they are not forced to pay over the odds for the luxury. Spanish resorts face the threat of overbooking, as insecurity in the Middle East and North Africa, to where the large tour operators have just cancelled their entire summer programme, redirecting clients to the Canaries and the Balearics, is turning people away. So, the Majorca hoteliers Federation has decided to try and soften the blow on holidaymakers this year and absorb the cost and the possible negative effect of the tourist tax, especially as the cost of the tourist tax has not been included in the cost of this year’s package holidays. For summer 2016, hoteliers have managed to increase their prices by between five and 20 per cent, so the majority of the large chains will be able to absorb the tourist tax while ensuring that the Balearic government raises its 50 million euros plus.

However, the concern is for the small independent hoteliers. They may not be able to cover the tax and will therefore have to face the consequences.