Snow on the road between the Cuber reservoir and Soller. | Fernando Martín Nemina

Snow returned to the Tramuntana mountains overnight, causing difficulties for traffic on roads in higher parts. The snow fell down to 800 metres, as Majorca was on the receiving end of heavy rain and hailstorms, with the wind reaching 80kph.

Alerts remain in place for much of the island today in respect of rain, high wind and poor coastal conditions, with winds gusting to force seven and waves of three metres or more.

Most of Spain has been affected by the cold front that has come in from the Atlantic, but for Majorca there should be some improvement tomorrow in that there is likely to be more by the way of sun. But winds will still be fierce at times and it will continue to be quite chilly.

There is a reason to feel positive about the rain and the snow, however, and that is because it is increasing the capacities of the mountain reservoirs which were still at only around 35% a couple of weeks ago and were not being used because of fears about water supply later in the year.