Refugees receive food from several volunteers. | Orestis Panagiotou

The Social Services Council in the Balearics has added the islands’ name to a joint statement from eleven other Spanish regions which calls on the national government and the European Union to do more to tackle the refugee crisis. This council consists of representatives from political institutions, business, unions and other associations. In supporting the joint statement, it also asked for greater active participation by Spain’s regions in the process of care for refugees.

Of other issues considered by the council, there was one from the “Tercer Sector”. This comprises charitable bodies, co-operatives and others and it made a request for seven per cent of revenue raised by the tourist tax to be devoted to social infrastructures (such as care homes for the elderly).

The council was also asked to develop a plan for families, to draft a motion for an “emancipation” income for one-time minors in care and to draft further motions (for parliamentary consideration) regarding guide dogs and additional funds for non-contributory pensions.