The stolen items.

The National Police have arrested six people suspected of forced entry and robberies from properties in Palma. Those detained are all aged between 16 and 20, are of different nationalities and have previous convictions for property crime.

The police investigation began in January when there was a series of robberies in Son Gotleu, La Soledad, the Llevant estate and Pere Garau. Forced entry was usually crude and was to both homes and shops. Items stolen, in addition to cash, included mobile phones, jewellery and computers. Police say that the gang was dangerous as it didn't seem to matter to them if they encountered anyone during their robberies.

Three of the six were arrested while in the act of trying to force their way into a property on the Calle Manacor. Following these arrests, the National Police's robbery squad moved to detain the three other gang members. The home of one of the six considered to have been the most active was raided and numerous items were recovered, many of which have already been returned to their owners.

Eyewitness statements were also vital in establishing the facts of the various robberies that fell under an operation called Tomasina. A total of ten crimes have been identified.