Meeting next week to find a solution. | Teresa Ayuga

Easter brings its processions and they in turn bring their problems, one of them being the amount of candle wax that ends up on the streets. As Palma has the biggest of the processions, Palma has more than its fair share of the wax problem. Therefore, the town hall and the Association of Brotherhoods for Palma's Holy Week will be meeting next week to look at how the amount of wax can be reduced for next year's processions.

Following a meeting this week between the brotherhoods and the citizen participation department, the message was that Easter will be celebrated with "complete normality", there having been some doubt that it would be. This was because the town hall had suggested to the brothers that their insurance policies should include specific clauses in respect of any accidents resulting from wax dripping from candles during processions.

The brotherhoods had in fact already taken out civil liability insurance (for third-party damage) for the first time, but the insurance company told them a specific clause in respect of the wax could not be included. The town hall was, said sources from the association, "asking for the impossible".

Nevertheless, the town hall didn't give up and so the matter was sent to the citizen participation department, Palma's services agency, Emaya, and the organisations involved with the procession for them to all come up with a consensus to find alternatives. These included there being receptacles to collect wax and so stop it from dripping onto streets or replacing candles with LED lights.

Bernat Bosch, vice-president of the association, says that concerns have been lifted as a result of the meeting with the citizen participation department and that Holy Week will proceed in the same way as last year. There will be a study, though, of how to reduce the amount of wax.

Eva Frade, the councillor for citizen participation, insists that the processions have never been at risk and that there is collaboration between the town hall administration and the brotherhoods. The Partido Popular, however, has complained that the administration has been getting "bogged down" in cultural activities that do not form part of the administration's agreement for governing Palma.