It's a familiar enough complaint in the host town of Alcudia. When Ironman comes, as it does twice a year - the shorter event in May and the longer one at the end of September - getting around is difficult. Residents find roads closed for long periods of the day of the event. Some need to park cars in areas of the town the night before in order to be able to travel from Alcudia. Tourists can sometimes be dropped a distance from their accommodation, while in some instances they have to be collected hours before departure from the airport. Some businesses say they suffer because their usual clientele cannot get access to the port area in particular.

But the complaints aren't confined to Alcudia. The cycling leg of the triathlon takes participants through numerous municipalities and affects various villages. One of these is Caimari, part of Selva at the foot of the Tramuntana mountains. Its "mayor", Tofol Barceló, has drawn up a report which is calling for there to be a change to the itinerary. The village is "imprisoned" because of Ironman, he says, and movement is made worse because it is not possible to use rural roads.