A protest against the work by local businesspeople and residents was staged in February. | E. Ballestero

Mostly all of Puerto Pollensa's hotels have opened for the season, but the hotel sector is concerned about the image that is being given by the ongoing work on the resort's coastal road: the semi-pedestrianisation scheme. Ramón Cunill, the president of the hoteliers' association describes the situation as regrettable.

Guests staying in hotels have been complaining about the noise and inconvenience caused by the work and the heavy machinery being used. They aren't the only ones to complain. A tour operator has written to the Balearic tourism ministry in seeking an explanation about the work and why it is being done during months of the season.

Cunill says that people come to take the sun and to relax. Instead they are being confronted by pavements under construction, heavy machinery in operation and even the beaches not ready.

The work is due to be completed by 4 May. The association calculates that around 70% of it has so far been done but argues that planning of the work should have ensured that its impact would be minimal. "It was planned poorly right from the outset," Cunill maintains.

He believes that in addition to the damage already done to a resort with a loyal visitor base, the situation is likely to continue, as there is still work to be done on pavements which involve the machinery. The work to date has involved a widening of the pavements and the replacement of paving slabs with a grey cement. As far as many hoteliers and businesspeople are concerned, this doesn't offer a satisfying appearance. "Everyone is very disappointed," says Cunill.