Three cyclists were killed on Balearic roads up to 6 April, while in total the 112 emergency services attended 177 accidents, some of which resulted in serious injuries.

Reflecting the increased number of cyclists later in the first quarter and now into April, there were 75 accidents in March, compared with 39 in January and 46 in February, plus 17 over the first six days of this month. The great majority were in Majorca - 156 - with 17 in Ibiza and only four in Minorca.

The emergency service is stressing that spring is when the number of cyclists is at its greatest and is recommending that cyclists exercise care on the roads. Its advice follows normal common sense rules: wearing a properly adjusted helmet; protectors to minimise injuries in the event that there is a fall; ensuring bikes are in perfect condition and have lights front and back; sporting clothes with bright colours or wearing reflective vests; riding on the hard shoulder or in bike lanes and in single file when in a group; not riding behind vehicles that impede visibility; not riding alone; choosing roads with light traffic; and not riding carelessly, e.g without hand on handlebars.