Armengol presenting the new government today.

With changes that have been made to ministerial positions, President Armengol said today that the Balearic administration was now "politically stronger". Speaking during the ceremony at the presidential headquarters - the Consolat de Mar in Palma - Armengol added that the government needed political reinforcement in order to negotiate better and bring justice to the people of the Balearics.

Acknowledging that there had been some "adversity" in the administration, she indicated that this reinforcement would come from "three brave and committed" people who will give "the best of themselves". The president thanked the former ministers - Esperança Camps and Joan Boned - and wished the latter a speedy recovery from his illness.

Of the new ministers, she said that Ruth Mateu at participation, transparency and culture knows the work of the ministry perfectly, while Marc Pons, taking over at land, energy and transport, will perform "excellent work" as head of a ministry that coincides with his academic training. Pilar Costa, who has replaced Pons as the minister for the presidency and chief government spokesperson, "will continue" the work that Pons has done in that position.

Armengol concluded by emphasising that, for the government, "the people come first" and it is committed to its demands of central government, such as the introduction of the 30-euro flat-rate inter-island air tariff and the reform of the regional financing system.