Médicos sin Fronteras (Doctors without Borders) has been conducting an awareness campaign since Tuesday in Palma's Plaça Espanya. Continuing until Sunday, MSF is highlighting and explaining the struggles of people who have been affected by war. This includes those fleeing war situations and struggling to survive.

The campaign entitled "Seguir con vida" (Staying alive) features a virtual reality facility and special attention is being drawn to the plight of those in Syria and South Sudan. The president of MSF España, José Antonio Bastos, says that in 2015 alone MSF documented a total of 154,647 war wounded and 7,009 deaths because of attacks on hospitals it supports in Syria.

In South Sudan, he adds, the situation is awful. He points out that in the last two years health care facilities have been the constant focus of attacks. "MSF teams have seen patients shot dead in their beds, hospitals reduced to ashes and sacked, abuses which have left hundreds of thousands of people without medical attention."

As well as Syria and South Sudan, MSF works in the likes of Yemen and Afghanistan. "Many patients tell us that they would rather stay in their homes than go to a hospital which might be bombed. Hospitals should be safe places and be respected," says Bastos.

Meanwhile, Raimon Martínez, a Majorcan who works for MSF, has been explaining his experiences on the Greek island of Leros, where many refugees have been arriving. "I have seen whole families with grandparents risking their lives at sea because life in their countries is so much worse."