Shopping fever has gripped the airport. | R.L.

Commercial activity at Palma's Son Sant Joan airport generated more than 70 million euros revenue for Aena in 2015. This was 14% more than in 2014 and is attributed to the increase in passenger numbers, a revision of tariffs charged and an increase in the area available for commercial activity.

At present, there are some 20,000 square metres of commercial space in the terminal building. Almost half of this corresponds to shops and catering. Other parts of the airport also have premises for rent.

The record amount of revenue in 2015 is set to be surpassed this year, especially as most of the concessions are up for renewal, as is the case in the airport Module C, which handles the most passengers. There will be eleven million this year. Last year there nine million.

Following the submission of requests for aircraft movement and time slots this summer, Aena is having to plan all the scheduling for the next five months, given the volume of traffic that will be created. The airports authority says that the forecast for total passenger numbers is up to 26 million from 23.7 million last year. At times this summer, it is expected, the volume will be up by 20%. Palma, in this regard, is the most seasonal of the airports in the national network.

The heaviest day for passenger numbers in 2015 was 1 August. The over 150,000 passengers on that day will be exceeded on various days in July and August this summer. Daily rates are expected to be as high 180,000.

This increased volume naturally has an impact on commercial activities and on the value of the concessions.