Better bus connections. | L.L. Garcia

Problems with bus services between Palma and Soller are being addressed. From 2 May, there will be an increase in weekday frequencies from 65 to 86 and in weekend services from 65 to 112.

These increases follow demands made on the operator by the regional government's transport ministry. Four new buses have been added to the fleet, and with the increased service the frequencies for Puerto Soller, Soller itself and Valldemossa will be every 30 minutes.

The two lines - 210, Palma-Valldemossa-Deya-Soller, and 211, Palma-Soller-Puerto Soller - have suffered from major overcrowding because of resident demand and the increased numbers of tourists and walkers. The previous government had responded to this demand by giving permission for buses to take standing passengers. The current government has since prohibited this on safety grounds and demanded an increase in service provision, something that is covered by the operator's contract.

The new service will mean that there will be a frequency of 36 buses on the 211 route on weekdays (up from 29), while the number will rise from 16 to 24 on Saturdays and to fourteen from eleven on Sundays and holidays. The Deya connection will have a frequency of 16 (increased from 13) on weekdays, with 16 rather than 12 on Saturdays and twelve as opposed to five on Sundays.

As for the Palma to Valldemossa route, these will go up to 34 from 23 on weekdays, from 14 to 24 on Saturdays and from seven to 22 on Sundays and holidays.