Guardia officers at the accident scene. | Alejandro Sepulveda

The old Sineu road was the scene of a tragic accident this afternoon. A collision between a vehicle and two cyclists resulted
in two dead, the driver of the car and one of the cyclists. A second cyclist was left in a critical condition and is in intensive care in Son Espases Hospital. Both of those killed, the driver was Spanish and cyclist Swiss, were the same age, 52.

The accident happened just a few minutes before 2pm in front of a nature park along the old Palma to Sineu road. The force of the impact - the car came a halt after crashing into a stone wall - trapped the driver in his vehicle and fire fighters from the Inca brigade were required to cut him free. The cyclists, their bicycles mangled wrecks along the side of the road, were initially treated at the scene by 061 paramedics, along with the driver, but sadly they could do nothing to save the two 52-year-old men.

The road was partially closed while the Guardia Civil inspected the scene and gathered evidence, while the vehicle and bicycles
were removed and the road cleared of debris. The exact cause of the accident is being investigated and when police can, they will talk to the cyclist at Son Espases.

Today’s accident takes the number of fatalities on Balearic roads since the start of the year to 17 and all of the dead have been registered in Majorca, eight during this month alone.