An investigation has been opened by the Guardia Civil into the death of 23-year-old Briton Samantha Johnson who was found dead in a bath in a Torrenova hotel room late on Monday night. The results of the autopsy carried out today showed that the cause of death was drowning and Guardia Civil sources said that they are treating the fatality as an accidental death.

The alarm was raised at 11pm on Monday night after staff spotted water seeping out under the hotel room door. They subsequently smashed down the door and found the young woman in the bath. It is understood that the victim had been on holiday with her boyfriend, but the two had been involved in a row and he had cut short his holiday to fly home. The victim then apparently went out drinking heavily in Magalluf before returning alone to the room that she had shared with her boyfriend. Sources said that she may have either fallen asleep in the bath or lost consciousness.

The investigation continues.