Puerto Pollensa beach (though to be fair, this photo was taken at Easter). | M. Nadal

Former mayor Tomeu Cifre described the situation with Puerto Pollensa beaches as "chaos" last week. This was in reference to the absence of services that should normally operate from 1 May at least. Now it is the local restaurants association which is having its say, expressing outrage at the fact that the resort seems to be the only one where the beaches are not yet ready for tourists.

The association says that it met with town hall representatives in early March and called for the beaches to be ready for Easter. "Now, we are almost in the middle of May and still there has been no tender. How many months will pass before there are services on the beach?"

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In a statement, the association goes on to say that forecasts for this season point to higher numbers of tourists than ever before; this is well known. The condition of and provisions for the beach may well affect tourist decisions for 2017 and other years. "It is for this reason that the restaurants association is demanding an immediate solution."

It also observes that the town hall is promoting the SICTED tourist quality standard for services, something which many shops and restaurants are committing to, yet questions how useful this is when the key element for tourists - the beach - is not ready.

Last year, the association continues, it was all about getting the Blue Flag back. "But for what, if there are no services this year, no security features and, of course, no parasols and sun loungers?" The association concludes, ironically, by observing that the town hall is meanwhile concerned that some establishments should have less terrace space.