Captain Angelats versus Ulutx Ali | Miquel A. Cañellas

Yesterday was one of the grand fiesta occasions in Majorca - Soller's Es Firó, the fiesta of the battle of the Moors and Christians, the re-creation of events of 11 May, 1561 when the people of Soller defied Moorish invaders led by Ulutx Ali (also known as Uluj Ali among other variants).

The simulation started at around three in the afternoon when the bells were rung to warn that the enemy had been sighted. It ended at nine in the evening in Soller's Plaça Constitució square with the confrontation between Ulutx Ali and Captain Joan Angelats, the latter proclaiming victory.

Some 4,000 people took part, taking the roles of both sides, and a further 4,000 spectators were allowed into the square to witness the climax. The number had been limited because of new safety rules.