The silence of the night in calle Gran via Serra de Alfabia in Santa Ponsa was broken in the early hours of this morning by the crack of gun shots being fired.

The alarm was raised at 3.30am when a 66-year-old Spaniard entered the property of his 37-year-old ex-wife and apparently shot her Spanish boyfriend before turning the shotgun on himself and committing suicide. His Russian ex-wife, aged 37, was also in the property at the time and apparently suffered a blow to the head in the altercation and required hospital treatment, while their daughter needed to be treated for severe shock by a team of psychologists. Police sources said that she was deeply shaken up by the ordeal and by what she had witnessed.

When the police reached the scene they found the bodies of the two dead men on the floor and the injured woman lying in a pool of blood. The Guardia Civil’s criminal police is in charge of the investigation. The hypothesis for the shootings, at the moment, is that this was a crime of passion motivated by jealousy following the couple’s separation.

Forensic experts combed the property at number five for further clues and possible evidence as a full investigation was opened. The incident shocked the local community, which residents described as normally calm and quiet. Roberto Sotera, who has lived in the area for 30 years said: "We’re really surprised, this is a very quiet area and we just can’t get our heads round what has happened. Families have lived around here for years, quite a few of them are foreign, and we’ve all got along fine."

However, that peace and quite was shattered in the early hours of this morning and people were talking of little else as they tried to return to normal life.