One of the raised crossings. | Troels Muller, Puerto Pollensa Fans Facebook

The 26 April issue of the Majorca Daily Bulletin featured photographs that highlighted the difficulties being encountered by disabled users in Puerto Pollensa. These were problems of being able to overcome the kerbs created by the new pavements as part of the resort's semi-pedestrianisation scheme. For wheelchair users, the difficulties were great. For users of mobility scooters, the kerbs were impossible. Others were affected as well, such as parents with push chairs.

The demonstration of these difficulties had been arranged by Lynn Hughes via the Facebook page Puerto Pollensa Fans.

Pollensa town hall's councillor for urban planning, Tomeu Cifre Bennásar, contacted the Bulletin and explained that a levelling-off for crossing-points had not been possible while the work was continuing on the semi-pedestrianisation project: this was principally because of the movement of trucks and machinery. He also explained that there would be solutions in place in the not too distant future; within two weeks he had suggested.

Well, it has been a little longer, but the raised crossing-points are now in place, and there are several of them along the initial stretch of the coastal road between the yacht club roundabout and Avenida Paris. Work was carried out today, as phase one of the project draws to a conclusion.

We are grateful to Troels Muller and Puerto Pollensa Fans for the photo.