Government has big plans for boosting Majorca's bus services. | R.D.

The regional transport ministry is working on a plan (called the plan for travellers) which it intends having in place by 2018 when the concessions of nine bus operators and nineteen lines come up for renewal. The plan, it is said, will seek to revolutionise public bus transport in Majorca and to entice the public away from using cars.

The director-general for transport, Jaume Mateu, says that this will not lead to increased cost to the government. "If we manage to get many more people travelling by bus, there will be more revenue and more resources."

The plan will further develop the bus network by increasing connections between towns and especially Palma. There will also be greater frequency in order that, as Mateu says, "it will be easier for the public to choose public transport". In order to give more "prestige" to bus transport, there will be faster journey times. Particular provision is to be made for discounts for those who most need them as part of an overall emphasis on the "social character" of public transport (to also include better coordination with rail services).