Meeting at the town hall in Calvia to consider Magalluf communications campaign.

The owner of the Magalluf bar at the centre of the sadomasochism row says that the dissemination of the video showing S&M practices has been designed to "discriminate" against businesses he runs. The manager of these businesses adds that the man shown in the video being whipped was an employee from a competitor bar, that the video itself is two years old and that the distribution of video is intended to discredit the bar and the businesses.

The manager, Javier Pedreira, insists that this "game" no longer takes place as it was prohibited last year.

The town hall in Calvia, investigating the video and other recent sensationalist stories coming out of Magalluf, believes that there is an intent on behalf of the British tabloid media to continue putting out stories about the resort, even if they distort the situation that now exists there. Joan Mesquida, the former national secretary of state for tourism and head of strategic projects at the town hall, warned some days ago of media "inventions" and sensationalism.

To this end, the town hall has met with directors of communications from hotel chains in the resort. The aim of this is to coordinate communications with the main tourism markets, especially the UK market. A common message is therefore to be sought, as also is a strong relationship with the British Consulate, with the objective being to change the perception of Magalluf's image as portrayed by elements of the British media.

As has been reported previously, various ordinances have been established to clamp down on anti-social behaviour and illegal practices. The mayor, Alfonso Rodríguez, is keen to convey these actions taken by the town hall and at the same time put across a positive image.

The meeting on Wednesday was attended by Elaine Brannan, the British Vice-Consul, several representatives of the town hall, including Joan Mesquida, and communications directors from Meliá, BH Mallorca, Fergus and Iberostar.