Cami Salard in Palma where the stabbing occurred.

27-09-2007Juan Miguel Gíménez

A woman was stabbed earlier today when she realised that two men saying that they were gas inspectors coming to review her property's gas installation were phoneys.

The incident occurred in the Cami Salard in the city. The woman got into a struggle with the two men, one of whom managed to take her purse, and was stabbed in the side. She was subsequently taken to hospital, but her condition is not described as being life-threatening.

The two men fled the scene, and both the National Police and local police have scoured the area in looking for them.

Residents say that they had seen the men in the area over some days and that they had attempted to enter other homes by impersonating gas inspectors but had been prevented from doing so by owners.


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Ron / Hace over 5 years

I expect the scammers are already working out their plans for conning tourists out of the tax come 1st July. It won't be long before we hear stories of them with fake ID's knocking on villa doors to relieve the poor tourists, who have no idea of who they have to pay, or how much they are expected to pay.


Sean Dobson / Hace over 5 years

It seems that the fake gas inspector con has been around for Donkeys years but I hope that these men are caught as quickly as possible and given a long stretch in jail,as befits their appalling crime and that the woman makes a speedy recovery.