The banner announcing the festival at Bellevue.

Alcudia's councillor for tourism, Joan Gaspar Vallori, today told the Bulletin that "maximum control" will be exerted in an attempt to prevent the noise, inconvenience and poor behaviour that are produced by the so-called "Mallorca Island Festival" at the Bellevue hotel complex.

Vallori explained that there has been a meeting with those responsible for this "festival", which is in fact a rotating series of holiday packages (typically of five days duration) for students from the mainland who have all apparently completed their baccalaureate. This meeting, designed to find ways of alleviating the problems, involved the local police, and it was established that there will be a limiter used to keep the decibel level of pool parties to within the 55 decibel limit that is in accordance with bylaws. In addition, a different location is to be used for the coach collection and return of the students at night.

He went on to say that if there is a repetition of problems, there will be an immediate meeting with the organisers, Viajes Finalia, and Bellevue, and "measures" will be taken, stressing that there is to be "maximum control".

This festival last year prompted numerous complaints from residents and from local businesses and led one press report to carry a headline expressing concern that Alcudia was becoming like Magalluf. The mayor, Toni Mir, and the local police acted swiftly when the complaints were made official, though the measures that were introduced were not totally complied with.

Other tourists have also complained. There were, for instance, comments on Trip Advisor last year, pointing to the "rudeness" of the students.