Private jet transport is undergoing a boom in the Balearics. | Miquel A. Cañellas


Private jet charter movements have really taken off to the Balearics this year with both Palma and Ibiza airports posting sharp increases in traffic in comparison to last year.

Victor, the Majorca-born British on-demand private jet charter company, which now spans the globe, has reported that month-on-month from April to May of this year, private jet traffic rose by 49 per cent, with the most popular point of departure being Luton. So far this year, May has been the busiest month for summer bookings.

Clive Jackson, CEO, Majorca home owner, and founder of Victor says: "Majorca is where Victor’s success story started and remains one of our busiest leisure destinations – such is its rich mix of culture, cuisine and location. As our ‘on demand’ offering continues to grow, interest in Majorca and the other Balearic islands will only intensify further.

"Flying privately affords the discerning traveller total freedom and time-saving flexibility. Avoiding busy commercial hubs and whisking you to sparkling locations like Majorca in quick and comfortable style, it’s the perfect way to holiday. You have the control."

The same can be said for Ibiza. The pioneering private jet company has seen charter requests to Ibiza this summer rise by 441%, outstripping Cannes, up 400%, Malaga (220%) and Barcelona (up 150%).

Comparing charter requests for travel to Ibiza in June and July to last year, the month-on-month increase has been in the region of 200%. Moreover, Victor has noticed an increase in "one night stay" returns to the Balearics, with people flying in for the night and returning or flying on to another destination the following day.

Ibiza’s private jet market in general will this summer be handling between 80 and 120 jets during July and August. Palma’s private jet terminal is also set to have its busiest summer on record, further evidence why more should be made of the potential of Son Bonet airport.

Top routes to Palma
1. London Luton
2. Manchester
3. Birmingham
4. Düsseldorf
5. Zurich
6. Berlin
7. Hamburg
8. Paderborn Lippstadt
9. Chester (Hawarden)
10. Karlsruhe