Hard to see how people can be prevented from taking water on to a bus.

27-07-2012T. Ayuga

The Majorca Transport Consortium, a part of the Council of Majorca, has introduced new rules for bus passengers travelling on inter-urban routes. As from this week, therefore, still water in a screw-cap bottle is not allowed on buses. Nor is fizzy water or indeed any drink.

These are not the only prohibitions. Passengers are not permitted to take any explosive material on to a bus (which sounds pretty reasonable) and will not be able to get on a bus if they dressed in swimwear or without tops. They will also be barred if they are drunk or under the influence of drugs.

The new rules also require passengers to be respectful of others. For example, any device that emits sounds without the use of headphones is banned, while passengers are required to not disturb others or "offend decorum".

As for standing on buses, this will only be possible if the bus meets conditions to allow this. If it does, passengers must stay still and not start walking around. Then there is heating and opening/closing windows. Majority opinion will determine whether heating is put up or down or whether windows are open or closed. If there's no clear majority, then the driver will decide.

The rules also embrace the drivers. They will need to comply with certain obligations, such as driving with professionalism, diligence and the necessary precautions in order to ensure a comfortable journey. They are also obliged to treat passengers with respect. They cannot speak to passengers while driving and cannot play music or the radio in the bus itself. They can do in their own area but with the volume down in order to ensure that passengers are not disturbed.

Bikes, the fold-down variety, can be taken on as luggage; otherwise they will have to be placed in the luggage hold or on an external rack. If there is any damage, it is the owner's responsibility.

These rules have been adopted because until now different bus operators have applied their own regulations. There is now to be a harmonised set of rules for all operators. The rules also stipulate that operators cannot sell more seats than are on a vehicle. The operators are also required to undertake maintenance that ensures optimal performance with regard to safety and cleanliness.


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Fred-T / Hace over 5 years

Are Nigerian drug sellers exempt?


Steve / Hace over 5 years

The comments below notwithstanding, now that we're seeing many more young British tourists on the island again, with their total disregard for any by-laws, along with the all-but absence of Police, how else could the bus operators avoid drunkeness or spillage of drinks on the buses ?


Ian Morrison / Hace over 5 years

If only those 40 people on the Valldrmossa bus that went on fire (Ultima Hora Wednesday) were allowed water they could have put the fire put!


Sara / Hace over 5 years

This news article is incorrect. The new rules say "...dentro del bus no se podrá comer ni beber, EXCEPTO agua sin gas". Your reporter needs to improve his/her Spanish! Of course they can't ban still water!


Adrían / Hace over 5 years

The picture is from 2012. My mistake. The news article is recent.


Adrián / Hace over 5 years

This is an news article from 2012. Anyone had any problems with water on the bus the last four years?


Steve Riches / Hace over 5 years

Totally dim to ban water - are they seriously suggesting that on a long journey at height of summer I now cannot take a swig of water from a small plastic bottle?


Sheila / Hace over 5 years

Bottles of water might come in handy, considering two bus fires this week!


Doris / Hace over 5 years

I presume that small children are exempt .............


Ann Morrison / Hace over 5 years

The bus journey from Cala Egos to Cala Ratjada takes two hours. I think in August passengers would be dehydrated and need to be dropped off at the local PAC.