Palma has a councillor with specific responsibility for animal welfare, and the horses are on her agenda.

14-04-2015Miquel A. Cañellas

Tighter control of horse carriages in Palma is to be introduced by the town hall by which offences are to be more strictly defined and sanctions applied in order to ensure animal welfare and the quality of service.

The councillors for animal welfare and transport, Neus Truyol and Joan Ferrer, have responded to claims by owners of the carriages that there has been a lack of consensus and resultant imposition regarding the moving of the stops from the calle Conqueridor. The days of these stops, said Truyol at a press conference, are "numbered". She added that the current regulations are ambiguous with different and at times contradictory interpretations.

Truyol said that controls have intensified over the past three weeks in order to verify the hours that horses are working, to ensure that the number of passengers is not being exceeded and to establish that carriages are in a good condition. Two horses, she pointed out, have been withdrawn from the service following vets' reports.

Ferrer was confused by the statements made by the carriage owners, saying that there have been meetings over several months regarding the move from Conqueridor. "It had been made clear to them that this was a priority. There is a steep slope on the street which forces the horses to make additional effort when they are resting and also when they start to move." Moreover, he pointed out, there is heavy traffic on the road, hence the proposal to move the stops to a spot next to the Customs building, one that has in any event been rejected by the ports authority.

An alternative location for the stops has, therefore, yet to be determined. It should, though, be ready for the summer and meet certain requirements, such as being flat, having good water supply and shade, not being next to houses or shops and not being somewhere with heavy traffic.

The town hall's tightening up on horse carriages follows the accident on Monday when a horse bolted and died after running into a wall, having been alarmed by a man who went to stroke its head. Officers from the local police mounted force who went to the scene established that it was purely an accident. An examination later confirmed that the horse had exhibited no signs of any mistreatment or exhaustion.


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Nicole Flynn / Hace over 3 years

To who it may cornern, I am writing today as a concerned person for the well-being of animals & the absolutely horrific animal abuse & suffering they are currently undergoing.

This so called “Culture” garbage has to stop! The horse & cart should be banned everywhere in the world especially in hot country’s. I lived in Mallorca last year & the abuse I withnessed was just indescribable.

Not only are these beautiful creatures beaten on a daily basis & whipped for no good reason. There mental state and severe exhaustion is clearly shown!!

My friend is currently living in Alcudia, The old Town, where she witnessed a horse collapse to the ground in 27 degree heat & it’s owner beat this animal until it got up?

Please explain to me what kind of life you think these animals deserve & why you aren’t doing anything to stop this!

I am absolutely sick to my stomach that this kind of abuse is still happening on a daily basis, & on such a small island. I don’t believe you would wish this kind of abuse and suffering on yourself or any human being so why should it be any different for these truly majestic animals.

It needs to stop & it needs to stop now. So please tell me who I can write to or speak to about this subject because I will not let this go.

Sincerely, Nicole Flynn.


Linda weilert / Hace over 4 years

I’m here right now and heard a couple sad stories about these poor horses. It is maddening and I heard in this last summer horses were falling over from dehydration and some died. I’m beyond shocked that this place would allow these gypsies to run these horses like this.


Lynn Ting / Hace over 4 years

I have been a frequent visitor to Mallorca and love the island but do not want to see these poor animals in distress and would never go for a carriage ride as it encourages the trade.

I usually visit smaller resorts but this year have to stay in Cala Millor as my family will be there. I am very worried as I have seen photos of carriage rides in the area and will be very upset if the poor horses are treated badly or not given shade and water. Is there anyone that can be contacted to try to ensure the welfare of carriage horses?


Mrs lomax / Hace over 5 years

It has been witnessed this week horses in Mallorca working in scorching heat, all day and night, horses struggling in the heat, looking thin and worn out, come on this is cruelty it's ok a way to make a living, but a cruel way, pls how can this be governed and this abuse of these beautiful animals stopped